Day 242 – the next thing I said was … ouch


Hiding from the rain and cold, I was looking at these pictures from this time a few years back, it was a lovely holiday in Cornwall. Fun too :)

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tennis ballIt seemed like a good idea at the time, though I wasn’t thinking that it would actually hit me.  At least he missed the camera.  I think he was hoping for the ball to appear massive, I’m quite glad it wasn’t, I still like the shot though, what do you think?

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Autumn is on its way

Just read the post showing how Facebook posts can be shared on my blog, and thought that I would try it out with this image I took last week.  edit: that didn’t seem to work, maybe the posts need to be set as Public in Facebook.  Here is the photo anyway, welcome to Autumn in Wales.

Derek the Weatherman tells us that this weekend will be the last of the warm days here so we’d better make the best of it.  I hope to get out with my camera tomorrow, the moon has been stunning to watch over the last few nights, if I get a good photo I promise to share.

looks like mt fuji, @taffs well

How they have grown!


Tabitha and Jemima, now seven months old. The first picture, taken this morning is a bit deceptive as Tabitha is actually the smallest.

The one day old picture is my phone background, so when I saw them cwtching this morning I just had to capture the moment to compare the two. They are a few weeks old in the middle photo, eyes open, ready to explore the world.

Thomas I think was getting his breakfast with their Mum, Molly. He’s going to be a big cat. More of them another day I think.

Lara on the beach

Lara, Golden Retreiver

Pinch punch first of the month, happy September!

Lara really enjoyed the beach yesterday, all of the girls had a good run, and played nicely with the other dogs on the beach.  I think they are still tired out today.

I’ve been conscious that I’ve not posted very much lately, so I’m going to try and post a bit more often, I’ll be on the lookout for interesting images to take, and when I find them , I’ll post them here.  I love taking pictures of the dogs and cats, but will try and search out a variety of things to post.  Anyone got any ideas?


Having a snuggle with mum before some more milk I think!  Two minutes later, all four were having a snack, lined up in a row. Two weeks and a day old. still a bit wobbly on their feet.